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How to Buy a Monument

When you're ready to purchase your memorial, there are a few things you'll need to know before selecting the stone and its design:

1. Where is the memorial being set? Each cemetery has it's own rules regarding the size and type of monument allowed. Inquire with the cemetery and ask specifically what those rules are.

2. What is the grave size? The foundation in most cases cannot exceed the width of the grave. This too can affect the size and type of memorial being purchased.

3. Is there a staking fee? Some cemeteries will charge a modest fee for staking the grave to indicate exactly where the memorial is placed. That fee can be paid to the cemetery authority directly or through your memorialist.

4. Select the style of monument you would like. Your memorialist can show you several photos of past work to choose from. If you have something specific you like or are trying to match another stone, photograph it and bring it with you. If there is something special, something that reminds you most of your loved one, bring it along or tell your memorialist about it so it can be incorporated into the design. When finished, your memorial should be unique and should remind you of the person it pays tribute to.

5. Choose your color. Most monument shops will have several colors in stock. Seeing them in person makes it easier to choose.

6. Discuss price with your memorialist. A monument can be very modest in price or extremely costly. This decision is entirely up to the buyer and all components of the total cost should be discussed to avoid any misunderstanding. Most monuments involve at least three pricing components.
• The stone
• The foundation
• The setting fee

7. Discuss payment terms.

8. Complete memorial contract and ask how long it will take to complete the design, manufacturing and setting process. A good memorialist will understand that the final placement of a monument in many cases provides the buyer with closure and will be sensitive to that fact. In the case of pre-need purchases, this won't be a factor but you have the right to know how long it will take to complete your piece.


Ask about the services we offer regarding the placement of government provided memorials.

Notice: Never let anyone tell you where to buy your memorial. By law, the choice is yours. Many cemeteries or funeral homes will insist that you purchase through them. This adds cost and limits your choices in style and design. Only a professional memorialist can provide you with all the options you deserve.

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